Monday, July 17, 2006

New Juggaknots Podcast!

After a hiatus that pained me, the Juggaknots are returning with a new studio effort, Use Your Confusion, due out in October through Amalgam Entertainment. I was lucky enough to work together with Buddy Slim, Breezly Brewin, and Queen Herawin to announce their return with this podcast, featuring a nice interview combined with classic tracks, elusive b-sides, and a select preview or two. Click the links below to download and be sure to peep the Juggs' website.

Special thanks to the Juggaknots, DJ Next, Ambidex, El Tripps, and DJ Tommy Hearns for working hard to complete this.

Juggaknots Podcast (If a link is expired, try another. More will be added everyday)
(yousendit) (link 1) updated 8/21
(rapidshare) (link 1)

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