Thursday, May 12, 2005

Got Mad Hits Like I Was Rod Carew

Rap Nerd #1 steps aside today as Ben takes on Large Pro, Mike D, Adrock, and MCA.

'Sure Shot,' originally featured on 1994's** Ill Communication, was remixed by Large Professor for both the "Sure Shot Maxi-12," also released in 1994, and the Video Anthology DVD. 'Sure Shot' has been labled 'a straight hip-hop' track for the Beasties, who have been known to rock out a lil bit. Ironically, Extra P updates the song by adding an old school loop (ed: the less famous of the two sampled by Big Daddy Kane's 'Ain't No Half Steppin'...not the Emotion's 'Blind Alley but ESG's 'UFO') with some mid-90's flavor to it. The 3 NY boys have always been name-checking pop culture into submission, and 'Sure Shot' is no exception. Big up Vaughn Bode and Lee Perry, both influences on early hip-hop culture. Lil' kiddies, if those names are foreign to you, look 'em up (ed: or follow my extremely helpful links).

Beastie Boys: Sure Shot (Large Professor Remix) MP3

** Shouts to Funky D for reporting a factual error that slipped by in editing.


At 4:25 PM, Blogger Funky D said...

Ummm, sorry to nerd out on you, but since this site is called "The Rap Nerd," I think it'll be OK. "Sure Shot" was on "Ill Communication," but that came out in 94. "Licensed to Ill" came out in 86.

And oh yeah, your site is awesome. Keep up the good work.

At 11:17 PM, Anonymous Rap Nerd #2 said...

Yeah, I goofed. I'll chaulk it up to 6 hours of booze and baseball in the Bronx sun. Forgiveness please.


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