Wednesday, May 18, 2005

God Save The Queen(s,) Part 2

Like most, after hearing the first 4 or 5 songs off 'The Massacre' my reaction was less then enthusiastic. regardless of chart positions, 'Disco Inferno' blew, and 'Candy Shop' was wack. I liked them much better the first time around as 'In the Club' and 'Magic Stick.' 'Just a Lil' bit' solidified my opinion that Massacre was a lackadaisicle generic/commercial followup to 'Get Rich or Die Trying,' an album I did enjoy.

I stuck by my original evaluation until I spotted a new 50 track on an itunes playlist belonging to a FORN (Friend of Rap Nerd) April. The title was 'God Gave Me Style' (nerdpoints to anon for the quick call yesterday) and after I heard it, I was impressed with the song and the fact that 50 listens to Coldplay. The song started to turn my opinion, figuring any rapper who's listening to Coldplay's gotta have some sort of ear. After reading reviews which highlighted 'Ski Mask Way' and 'Baltimore Love Thing' I decided to cop the bootleg. (yes, Rap Nerd #2 unabashedly supports the free transfer of music, because as I read in Q4Music Magazine 'people who spend hours downloading digital music, also spend hours on legal music')

Anyway, after listening to the entire 50 album, I was pleasently surprised. Well, maybe 50% surprised. Half the album features your standard 2005 MTV pap, with wack beats and concepts like 'Piggybank' including a whole slew of synth/pop clunkers from Dre and Em. The flipside of the coin was a number of amazing East Coast tracks, where 50 really seemed to shine (including a beat recycled from the 'Pretty Toney' album, funny considering all three emcees on the GFK track have had alot of unflattering things to say about 50!) So my official opinion is a great 1/2 an album, with that harcore ish and some soulful beats. The other 50 (per)Cent is on some BS that highlights exactly what's wrong with this Hot 97 Hip-Pop being pushed to the masses today.

I'm curious to hear other opinions, so leave a comment and let me know what track you're really feeling on the album, or if I just need to sit down and shut the fuhg up. And of course without any further (Freddy) Adu: Curtis Jackson's take on Chris Martin's lyrics, 'The Massacre' remake of 'Rush of Blood To the Head's' 'God Put a Smile on My Face.'

50 Cent: God Gave Me Style MP3


At 6:22 PM, Blogger E said...

Its hard to listen to "God Gave Me Style" without thinking of Cormega's "Glory Days" but its a pretty dope sample...
I haven't listened to the album too closely (dont own it) but Ski Mask Way is some hot shit

At 9:34 PM, Anonymous Big Black Afro said...

I think that there are a few dope cuts on 50's new CD, but I have always greeted his music (as well as his persona)with a healthy dose of skepticism. 50 is much more a commodity than an artist. He is a reflection of what corporate America believes will sell. The industry often has a slightly skewed and/or stereotypical vision of the public. That explains why when they push a product like 50, he sometimes seeems like a parody of himself----to real heads anyway. Maybe 8 year old white girls believe in all the bullshit beef he generates, but the savvy listener doesn't believe or get drawn into the hype. The corporate formula works well enough to even make the cynics nod their heads once in a while, but at the end of the day, he's more garbage than art. Peace and hair grease...

At 10:11 PM, Anonymous The JB said...

50 Cent sucks ass.

At 10:41 PM, Blogger The Rap Pundit said...

Wasn't exactly thrilled with The Massacre album, but the half-dollar artwork on the interior was dope.

You hear that MURS line?
"But things like these don't happen to dudes like me
Because I'm more Coldplay than I am Ice-T"
from "The Pain," off of that 9th Wonder collabo

At 12:25 AM, Anonymous Rap Nerd #2 said...

I think to view 50 solely as a corporate commodity is a mistake. I don't know where you're located but a year before his Aftermath signing, he was without a doubt the hottest thing going. His mixtapes were ghetto-gold if not platinum. He had a legit claim to being the much hyped 'King of NY.' This was all before the hype machine of Em, Dre and Time magazine stories about being shot. He was at one point one of the most hated cats in the industry, yet became a self-made celebrity strictly hand-to-hand. If nothing else he deserves credit for that. Parlaying that into the mega-media titan he is today should garner him even more respect. Even Jada calls him a 'marketing genius.'

And just to clarify I am not, nor have I ever been a 'fan' of 50 the Persona. I do like some of his songs although others are obviously trash. But I do think a song like 'Many Men' is a 2G version of 1930's Delta Blues. To dismiss him as a trash artist who is only successful because of marketing is keeping one eye closed.

At 1:05 PM, Anonymous Mike Nice said...

Hey Rap Nerd, great post. Please do me a solid and list here the 50% of 50's Massacre that's worth listening to. I'd appreciate it. Thanks.

At 2:01 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Rap Nerd #2: Sorry if my comments regarding 50 were inflammatory to some extent. I was just responding with my opinion, because you aked your readers what they thought. I know you think that I am a myopic fool, but I still contend that artistry most often gets compromised in the wake of commercialization. I thought 50 was a much iller MC before he became totally corporatized. I never once questioned his "marketing genius"---that wasn't the focal point of what I was saying. Bill Gates is a marketing genius,too, but wouldn't buy his diss record if he decided to come out on wax against Steve Jobs or whatever. Don't get me wrong---I have respect for some commercial artists, but for me, 50 has lost his integrity and his authenticity through his attempts to become a successful businessman. Bitches, violence and bling always sell, but I'd prefer something a little deeper after loving this music for more than 20 years. Peace and hair grease...

At 11:46 AM, Blogger jah jah said...

50 cent? ha ha.. Dr Dre ..Eminem
let me tell u that every fucking song on that album was stolen from me!!!!!!!which is why you got those old school, and indian flavas.. all redid by one of the best producers in the world Dre..
.. my beats came from Brazilian producers and Chub Rock .. theres over 30 tracks "borrowed" from Ideas to Lyrics to beats to flows..
being a white underground girl artist that doesnt have a deal. most people dont believe me.. Im a good choice to pick on...

motherfucker even calls my real name in Just a little bit cuz ..the cd was going to be called The Valentines Massacre.. My first CD was a Valentine cover 2001, The art oF Hip Hop
if you dont belive me..
there are some tracks that I mixed into his so you can hear the similarities..

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