Thursday, May 05, 2005

The Beat Is Cut In Pieces Like Pizzas

Good looks to all who have commented of late. I should address some of those.

- is a wonderful site. I recommend it to all. I will, in fact, link it soon. Also to those who have suggested their blogs for link. So long as I can find all of your emails, I will link you ASAP.
-Zilla, great fact. For those who missed it, 'Sommersault' was the 100 millionth download on iTunes.
-Beez: "Rhinestone Cowboy" is something special. Madvillainy will turn out to be timeless. Not a crazy prediction but I think Madvillainy is a certified classic.
-Terrible Jim: You know my love for all things Dr. Dooom.
-If anyone is interested in the Diary of Prince Paul DVD I have mentioned (too much,) there is one available on ebay.

We've got two new loose MF DOOM cuts today, both of which I enjoy greatly. Blend Crafters, Pomo and Jurassic 5's DJ Numark feature DOOM on the remix to 'Melody.' You may remember their "Imagine" from Ben's Beatle week. The Gorillaz, the animated Damon Albarn outfit you should know by now, feature Doom on "November Has Come." Enjoy.

Blend Crafters f/ MF DOOM: Melody (Remix) MP3
Gorillaz f/ MF DOOM: November Has Come MP3


At 9:27 AM, Blogger kurtz said...

wad up, nice one on the doom mp3s, been waiting to hear that gorillaz tune for months and some proof of danger:doom actually creaking into motion (apart from that gem of 'social distortion' with po and doom a while back which i love more than, er, well, most songs) anyway, any ideas what he's on about on 'november has come'? i'm loving up the term 'cold hymen', disturbs anyone i tell it to. good old doom.

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