Wednesday, April 06, 2005

If You Aint Got, You Better Get

I obsess over the wasted potenital of emcees. It eats at me. In a perfect world, all the supremely talented emcees would drop and album every year and we could all be overjoyed. Just think of what little superior output we've gotten in this century from Pharoahe Monch (label woes), Raekwon, Common, Lauryn Hill, and The Genius. It looks as if Common is readying a classic. Hopefully, the rest will follow suit very soon. Still, the emcee whose lack of creativity eats at me the most is the mighty Mos Def. I must clarify that I'm not mad at him one bit. I am glad he is getting that acting money. In addition, I like watching him act. His guest appearance on My Wife & Kids as Damon Wayans' wheelchair-bound best friend was pure gold. Still, I feel disappointed when I remember that all we got in the past five years was an EP of 6 good songs that happens to also include a bunch of bad Black Jack Johnson tracks. Even more maddening to me is how good those New Danger successes are (the obvious gems being "Sunshine," "Life Is Real," and "The Closer Edge."

Ronnie Jordan f/ Mos Def: A Brighter Day (Remix) (MP3): A great feel good track. A unique combination of Mos backed by Jordan's guitar, which is accurately described on his website as "warm" and "sexy." This ended up on the Ronnie Jordan album "A Brighter Day" and was released as a fine Blue Note 12 inch.

DJ Krush f/ Mos Def: Shinjiro (MP3): DJ Krush has featured Guru, CL Smooth, Big Shug, DJ Shadow, Black Thought, Zap Mama, Company Flow, Shawn J Period, Anti-Pop Consortium, Mista Sinista, Mr. Lif, and Aesop Rock on his albums. He featured Mos on the fantastic "Shinjiro" and provided him a fantastic track.

Medina Green: Fla La Lashe (MP3): I swear that every track off every Rawkus twelve inch ended up on some Soundbombing, Lyricist Lounge, or random compilation. Somehow, I"Fla La Lashe" thumbed their nose at Bob Digi and remained Vinyl only, as the B-side to the deservedly huge "Crosstown Beef." Correct me if I am wrong.


At 6:25 PM, Anonymous amar said...

I'm not really feeling "Sunshine." Whenever I listen to it in the car the lyrics just float through my head without making any impression. I think Mighty Mos fell off pretty hard from Black on Both Sides. But, at least he's got a shot at Ford Prefect. Incidentally that hitchhiker's guide joke would be funnier to American ears (while preserving the idea) if the character's name was "Honda Civic"

At 7:52 PM, Blogger v funk said...

I'm surprised you left out "Travellin' Man" with DJ Honda.

Did Mike Zoot ever manage to put out an album?

At 11:22 PM, Blogger jon. said...

"I swear that every track off every Rawkus twelve inch ended up on some Soundbombing, Lyricist Lounge"
ummmmmmm you do know
a) they were on rawkus
b) that was the point of those compilations.
some rap nerd

At 5:00 PM, Blogger sweet billy pilgrim said...

I get scared I'll miss the great emcees too... so, here's one for you. I've just done a piece on a rapper called Many Styles from NY with a couple of mp3s, and I was wondering if you guys would like to link ? He's a great rapper, and I'd really like to see him get the coverage he deserves (I'm also hoping he'll notice and get in touch so I can produce him !). Cool if not, but do just have a listen ! Thanks.

At 10:27 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fla La Lashe came out on the CD single of Crosstown Beef.also. I had it when it came out, but have since lost it. I think it had a remix, as well as an acapella.

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