Thursday, March 10, 2005

Y'All Can't See Me Like Ma$e's Eyebrows

Before They Were Famous Pt. I

Hip-hop fans take much pride in having been a fan of an artist before they "blow." Cheaters try to buy the rare, out-of print, early releases on certain auction sites to appear to have been down since day one. This leads to quite alot of foolishness.

Even worse is having to listen to someone talk not about the fine music of Doomsday, Headshots: Seven, or early groups like Masters of Ceremony (f/ Grand Puba) and Ultimate Force (Diamond D), but instead about how on top of things they are.

In my perfect world, anyone with the desire to consume hip-hop, would have access to it and some background.

One artist whose early years get alot of shine is Eminem. Much is made in hip-hop circles of his Infinite EP and his times on the battle circuit. And clearly, 8 Mile didn't reduce that shine. Two songs that don't seem to get mentioned too too mucn but feature a young, hungry Marshall are featured today.

Before donning shower caps and evening gowns and giving me nightmares, Bizarre was a member of The Dirty Dozen (now D12 of course.) In 1998, he dropped an EP entitled Attack Of The Weirdos. Em and Fuzz guested on Trife Theives.

Also in 1998, Marshall was featured on the Rawkus 12" of NJ emcee Shabaam Sahdeeq. The record's B-Side "5 Star General" featured Shabaam, Eminem, Kwest The Madd Ladd, Skam, and AL over a fine DJ Spinna track. I can't confirm but I have been told that this was Eminem's first appearance on vinyl.

Bizarre f/ Fuzz and Eminem: Trife Thieves (link 1) (link 2) (Federation, 1999)

Shabaam Sahdeeq f/ Eminem, Skam, AL, and Kwest: 5 Star Generals (link1) (link 2) (Rawkus, 1998)


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