Thursday, March 17, 2005

Treacherous Like Naughty By Nature and Kool Mo Dee

When Artifacts' Between A Rock And A Hard Place dropped, I was a high school freshman. Back then, living where I was, the only way to hear records long before release date was on the mixtapes of DJ Madsol, who later when on to produce some fantastic tracks for The Last Emperor, Laster, Talib Kweli, and many more. On one tape, he dropped 2 bars at most of the "Wrong Side of the Tracks" instrumental. Those listening, three friends and myself, all looked at each other amazed, thinking 'What was that and where can I buy that?" We thought that, without even being introduced to the fine stylings of Tame One and El Da Sensai. BRHP did not disappoint. It also featured the fine track "C'Mon Wit Da Git Down."

Another artist that baffled and amazed me upon first listen was the entertaining and independent Thirstin Howl III. It's not a leap to say that the Brownsville based Unsigned Hype alumni has his own style. Thirstin freaked the same sample as "C'Mon" on the fantastic "Brookyln Hard Rock," which made its way onto Rawkus' Soundbombing 2, which may damn well be rap's best compilation ever.

"Coulda rocked the bells but I was more comfortable in straight legs!"

Artifacts: C'Mon Wit Da Git Down (link 1) (link 2) (link 3) (buy it!)
Thirstin Howl III f/ Unique London: Brooklyn Hard Rock (link 1) (link 2) (link 3) (buy it!)


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I love chicks with accents.


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