Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Shea Stadium The Radium, EMD Squared

Another fine post from Ben regarding not the beatless, but the Beatles. How is that the Chemical Brothers were once called the Dust Brothers? Did both teams (them and the actual Dust Brothers) both come up with the name independently?And, alliteration doesn't come much better than 'authentic Anglo-accented.'

By the late 80's vocal interpolations of the Beatles had appeared in some classic old school tracks, [see Slick Rick's authentic Anglo-accented version of 'Michelle' during 'The Show' or KRS reworking 'Hey Jude' at the begining of Criminal Minded] but perhaps the grandaddy of Beatle biting comes from the Beastie Boys' classic, Dust Brothers' produced, sophomore sampalooza Paul’s Boutique. ‘Sounds of Science’ features audio from no less then five separate Beatles tracks; Three off Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, one from the The Beatles (aka The White Album) and one funky riff at the end of Abbey Road.

Although released before Let It Be, Abbey Road was the grand finale for the Fab Four as a unit, and they certainly went out in style. From begining to end the album was designed as a masterpiece to catalog an awesome career, and it succeeded. While the Beastie's tapped the end of the album for 'Sounds of Science', Organized Konfusion utilized the opening bluesy bassline for the title track on their Stress: The Extinction Agenda album. Rumor is they still can't catch a cab.

[The exact Beatles tracks used by the Beastie's will be revealed at the end of the week. Bengo Starr]

Beastie Boys: The Sound of Science (MP3) (Buy It for $7.99!)
Organized Konfusion: Stress (MP3) (Buy It)


At 4:14 PM, Blogger Jaybles said...

The Chems did actually name themselves after the Dust Brothers because they were fans and figured it wouldnt matter since they would never be that big that anyone would notice

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